Error while traversing folder


I’m using v.1.1.4 to synchronize some folders between Ubuntu Linux 16.04 and FreeBSD 11.2. I have 4 folders where everything is OK and one folder (the largest one) where I get the following error on the FreeBSD server:

Filesystem Watcher Errors For the following folders an error occurred while starting to watch for changes. It will be retried every minute, so the errors might go away soon. If they persist, try to fix the underlying issue and ask for help if you can’t. FolderName error while traversing /rootfolder/subfolder: no such file or directory

Evidently, /rootfolder/subfolder exists (it is the root for sync of FolderName), there is no problems with permissions, there are synced files inside. It seems that everything is correctly synced, but the watching is “Failed to setup, retrying.”

What is the mechanism used on FreeBSD for FS watching? How can I fix the problem?

I have no errors in system logs and no additional information in syncthing.log.


It seems that I had a problem of symlinks, described here: I deleted two broken links and the watching is OK now.

It would be nice to have more detailed diags here though.

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