Error when Decrypting Directory

I have an encrypted directory on a server that I’d like to decrypt so I can access saved file versions but despite hours trying, attempts consistently result in an error.

The following command:

syncthing decrypt /home/venue/QuickShare --to=/home/venue/QuickShareD --password=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Results in this error:

syncthing: error: S.syncthing-enc/QU/H2IKIQOHIRFFKMBRR37K45H2304FIU5BHGOJ853PAOK84BSB5B2IH7D21U337O377BNVA4NS389L654IT8EVU0P96HMAVH80VARSH6P5SMU92V2584E21JU6GGRUCUDIEITA5C94H95OEAF33R5U2MJ4BA95CEIIJEJQ70UMDCIG: decrypting metadata: siv: authentication failed

I’ve checked the password by using it to connect to the encrypted share from another device. The data is downloaded and decrypted normally.

OS: Linux Mint 21.1 with all updates

Syncthing version: v1.23.6, Linux (64-bit Intel/AMD)

Perhaps I’m missing something basic, but I cannot figure out what I’m doing wrong.

Any help would be appreciated.

Could you try it with single-quotes? I’d suspect that bash might interfere here if characters like $ are involved.

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That was the problem. Thanks much!

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