Error: "The cloud file provider is not running"

hi, just migrated to st from synology drive by first removing the drive sync client and t hen adding folder connections between the NAS and existing folders on my PC. so far it’s been a pretty smooth ride, but now I am seeing some errors for a small amount of files (few hundred out of 50k files:

  1. “file modified but not rescanned; will try again later” - have seen this on the forum, but not sure I get the suggestions for fixing such as renaming the files or folders. I don’t want to rename anything, and this would also be too many
  2. “The cloud file provider is not running.” I have not seen this anywhere on the web - what does that mean?

I wanted to save time by syncing on top of the old sync, i.e. the existing folders on my PC. could that be causing it? I have to admit that I used the “partial sync” function in the synology drive client, might this have something to do with it?

in any case, would be great to hear your suggestions

This means that when Syncthing was going to sync a change to a file it discovered the file had been changed by someone else in the meantime. It needs to rescan the file to figure out what that change is and whether there is a conflict or not.

This is not a message from Syncthing.

Probably. I don’t know exactly what the above means, but generally speaking don’t run multiple sync programs on the same files at the same time, or expect odd issues.

ok but this doesn’t disappear, after some manual and automatic rescans - how do I resolve it?

This disappeared, and the files for which this error came up now all show “file modified but not rescanned; will try again later”

Sorry for being unclear. I made sure that the two programs are not running in parallel - the other program has long been uninstalled and all that’s left are the folders on the harddrive.

I don’t know, I haven’t heard about that happening before. Full logs and UI screenshots might clarify.

I solved it - the final sync with synology drive may have been incomplete, which led to some problems. I think there also were some symbolic links from on demand sync. After replacing those with real files the sync completed without problems.

Now there are some syncthing temp files left, but as I understand those will disappear automatically?

After 24h by default. You can tweak this in the Advanced Configuration (see Keep Temporaries (hours)). You can also delete them manually if you are impatient :sweat_smile:.

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