Error on folder "MyFolder" (MyFolder): context canceled ?

Using v0.14.55-rc.2, Linux (64 bit)

I see a WebGUI Notice to click OK to:

2018-12-30 02:46:27: Error on folder “MyFolder” (MyFolder): context canceled

What does it mean?

All folders seems up to date and running.

I suspect this is a non-error, perhaps as part of restarting a folder after config change? Can you describe what you did when it happened?

I agree, this is probably just a case where some folder operation is aborted due to folder restart/pause/… and there not being any check on the context on the way to setting folder error. I’d say the easiest thing is to just check the context on folder.setError and if it is cancelled, do nothing.

That was after the update from v.0.14.54 to v0.14.55-rc.2

Thank you both, messages like those are wide interpretable and somehow irritating. So its good to know, they’re mean no harm (aka a lot of work for the user).

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