Error "insufficient space on disk"


I am using Syncthing on my two systems (Windows 7 and Linux) in my homeoffice. For some weeks now, Syncthing is not synchronizing anymore. On the Windows system, the terminal says

“[OISNM] 18:30:11 WARNING: Error on folder effgc-ync5j: insufficient space on disk for database (C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\Syncthing\index-v0.14.0.db): 0.8 % < 2 %”

I already tried to increase the amount of available disk space for syncthing from 1 % to 2 %.

Can anyone help? I would be very grateful.

Best regards Wal

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The error says that on C: the total available space is 0.8%. Either you create some free space there or you configure Syncthing to require just e.g. 0.5% free disk space (you can also configure an absolute amount, e.g. 5GB).

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No, it’s the other way round (and I checked it): The available disk space for Syncthing is 2 % (after I increased it from 1 % to 2 %), and syncthing is requiring 0,8 % at the moment.

(Before I increased the disk space for Syncthing, the message was “… 0,8 % < 1 %” instead of “… 0,8 % < 2 %”).

What do you mean by “I increased the disk space for Syncthing” - what did you do, concretely?
What you quoted just exactly exemplifies what I explained: 0.8% free on disk is less than both 1% or 2% (required by Syncthing).

Hi again,

the whole directory with all my Syncthing files (folder effgc-ync5j) is about 12,8 GB. On my harddisk, there is much more free space, about 18 GB.

To answer your question: I used the webinterface (menu “actions”, “settings”) and played with the option “Minimum Free Disk Space” (1 %, 2 %, …). These changes were not helpful.

These setting has nothin todo with the your synced folders, but with the system drive, where the config and DB of Syncthing is located.

As your system drive has only 0.8% space left, syncthing stops as you could loose all your data if Syncthing’s DB is corrupted as a result of no space left for it.

Changing it from 1% to 2% will only result in you needing to make more space, as now Syncthing requires 2% free disk space.


Free disk is necessary for the creation of temporary files for many things in your OS. My Windows systems often start to exhibit weird behaviour with anything less than 5 GB free disk space. The other commenters are correct that your only options here are to reduce your Syncthing allowed space to ~0.5% or to increase your storage capacity. I would strongly recommend the latter.

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Thanks, that is helpful. I deleted a lot of files on my harddisk, now syncthing has synchronized both systems.

Now one of the two systems reports “up to date”, the other one reports “out of sync” and lists 68 files. What can I do to get the status “up to date” on this system, too? I don’t need the mentioned 68 files any more, but it would be a lot of work to delete them by hand.

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