Error in UI when deleting a folder

When i delete a folder via the UI i get this error in the browser console:

XML-Verarbeitungsfehler: Kein Wurzel-Element gefunden
Adresse: https://localhost:8384/rest/system/config
Zeile Nr. 1, Spalte 1:

Followed by this:


The folder i delete is stopped, because i deleted it physically earlier.

When i call https://localhost:8384/rest/system/config manually i get this output:

CSRF Error

Sorry, this is all in german so means nothing to me sadly :confused:

XML processing error: No root element found address https://localhost:8384/rest/system/config line number 1, column 1:

The screenshot simply says: “Connection error”

“Syncthing seems to be experiencing a problem processing your request. Please refresh the page or restart Syncthing if the problem persists.”

Update: The error happened repeatedly but it seems only when deleting 2 or 3 folders quickly in a row. Sometimes with a short delay.

You can check the network requests that are moving back and fourth in the browser but it feels this is caused by some browser plugins/antivirus modifying the requests.

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