Error in the Polish translation

I just wanted to say that there is a quite significant error in the Polish translation. The string “Revert Local Changes” is translated more like “Restore Local Changes”, which has a completely opposite meaning suggesting that the local changes will be pushed to the remote devices rather than being reverted locally.

I suggested a change 10 months ago, and then someone else proposed even a better translation 1 month ago, but there does not seem to be anyone to accept the changes. Is there anyone maintaining the Polish translation right now?

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The problem is the other way around: The string is already reviewed, thus can’t be changed anymore. I now added you to the list of “Coordinators” (which is already long, no idea how active these people are), meaning you can now “unreview” the string and then propose something else.

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Thank you. I normally use the GUI in English, but I have got caught by the “Restore Local Changes” thing quite a few times when dealing with Syncthing on a remote machine that runs its OS in Polish. I actually had to change the GUI language to English just to make sure that I was not clicking on a wrong button :sweat_smile:.