Error in reporting Sync/Out Of Sync totals

This one bugs me - Desktop reports everything A-OK

However, my Android-13 Tablet reports that the Desktop is out-of-sync, even though all three directories shared show as synced.

My Android-13 Phone doesn’t have this issue. HELP!

Look like a bug. I would try to remove and re-add the folder in Syncthing on the affected devices. You can leave the files on the disk, and while adding the folder, I would also set its type to Receive Only temporarily. Once it has been scanned and everything looks OK, you can then change the type to whichever you want.

@tomasz86 - I’ve already tried the remove/re-add…didn’t help. I’ll try it with the Receive Only variant and see if that fixes it.

Alright - took two steps but now it’s reporting correctly.

Did the initial setup as receive only - then did the Revert before switching to Send/Receive…

“We’re fine…we’re all fine…how are you?”

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