Error (folder marker missing) doc/forums to get information about how to proceed

Hello all,

I use syncthing in order to locally in my home network keep folders up to date on various machines: Android, Win 10, Win 11, Ubuntu box. Thank you for syncthing!

Now I have on Win 10:

  • Three synced folders, one says unsynced, but this is only due to a ubuntu character that is invalid in Win, and two are in sync

On Android I have:

  • Four folders watched, all four giving the error message, cp. screenshot

How do I proceed in order to prevent data loss on my machines?

Thank you in advance!

Bye Gerrit

Are the files physically still present on the device? Please check using any file explorer. If they are there indeed, then this kind of problem usually happens when either the OS or a third party app is set to clean empty files/folders.

If that’s the case, and the files are present, I’d make sure to set all folders to “Receive Only”, then recreate the folder marker, i.e. create an empty folder called .stfolder inside each of the Syncthing folders. Then try to rescan.

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