Error: data.reverse is not a function

I just upgraded to version 1.4.4 using the freenas plugin and noticed the following error in the web console: Error: data.reverse is not a function refreshGlobalChanges</<@ $http/promise.success/<@ processQueue@ scheduleProcessQueue/<@ $eval@ $digest@ $apply@ scheduleApplyAsync/applyAsyncId<@ completeOutstandingRequest@ Browser/self.defer/timeoutId<@ logbar.js:11:22

Do you mean version 1.1.4?
Maybe it helps if you clear browser cache

Wait, isnt that already fixed by ?

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Exactly and that is part of v1.2.0

Woops, I meant v1.1.4.

Great to hear it’s already fixed! Sorry for posting about a bug that was fixed already. I searched the error in the forum and didn’t find any result.


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@ghigo No worries, thanks for reporting!
It is easier for the developers to link (fixed) bug reports than having no bug reports at all.

Are you interested in testing the fixed version?
Please check this post for more info.

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