Error: 1 The remote device has not accepted sharing this folder.

I’m getting the “1 The remote device has not accepted sharing this folder.” error. Can this be fixed?

Image 1. SyTh Main Screen. See red arrows.

Image 2. My Android A73 (receiver device) See red arrows.

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Image 3. My laptop. (master device) See red arrows.

Here’s the SyTh log file.

You need to accept the folder on the phone. If you haven’t received notifications from the app for some reason, please open the Web GUI (using the left slide-out menu in the app) and then check what is going on there.

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What in particular should I look for? I’ve looked at that menu and don’t see anything I can check. How can I re-send the sharing request notification?

You need to open the Web GUI on the phone. Please post screenshots once you do that.

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Oh! I’ve never seen or used the “Web GUI” on the phone. Didn’t even know it existed. But it seems like it got it working. It’s now syncing and hopefully the syncing will complete successfully.

Update: Sync completed successfully. Cool.

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