Erroneous "Insufficient free space" error

Using Syncthing 0.14.10 on Windows 7 x64.

Intermittently when the system is woken from hibernation, several folders are stopped because of “insufficient free space”.

All of the affected folders are located on one drive, but not all folders on the drive are stopped. All of the folders have the default 1% minimum free disk space and the drive has more than 1% free space. It’s a fixed disk with nothing exotic or unusual about it. I have all sorts of services and programs using data on the drive and none complain/crash about being unable to use it, nor am I greeted with a system tray balloon notification about being low on disk space. Syncthing isn’t being run as a user with any quota settings.

The only possible “unusual” setting is that I do have NTFS quotas enabled for the disk, but the user account Syncthing runs under has unlimited quota. I’ll try toggling some of the quota settings to see if this has any effect. Does anyone else have any other ideas?

Well it should clear after a rescan

Indeed it should, but what is the full error? Is there some made up amount of low free space? Does it correlate to some real world number, or what?

[VGHBP] 10:15:54 WARNING: Stopping folder “ad5ts-t5sss” - folder has insufficient free space

Yeah, that’s spectacularly unhelpful. Thanks, me. :[

Can you try the result of this build, when it completes?

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I’ve got that build up and running. The problem only appeared about once a week so I’ll check back in then.

Using the build from that link (v0.14.10+12-gd782fbc)

WARNING: Stopping folder "ad5ts-t5sss" - folder has 0.00% free space, want 1.00%

Also - a different set of folders were affected this time; fewer folders and one that wasn’t affected the previous time. They’re still all on the same volume.

So it appears the system is returning “no error, the path has 0 bytes free space” when asked just after hibernation. I don’t know what to do about that, if the OS is lying to us it’s hard to do the right thing. :confused:

Would it help to put a timeout on the check, or poll for a little while to confirm?

I think this needs more investigation by someone with the issue. We shouldn’t need to ask multiple times and average the result - imagine having to do that to determine the size of a file for example, it’s absurd.

Eehem… osutil.Lstat anyone?

I suspect the OS returns an error its just ignored along the way somewhere.

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Just to clarify the timings: Event Log: The system has resumed from sleep. Wake Time: ‎10:29:21

Syncthing log: 10:29:22 INFO: Paused state detected, possibly woke up from standby. Restarting in 1m0s. 10:30:22 INFO: syncthing v0.14.10+12-gd782fbc "Dysprosium Dragonfly" (go1.7.3 windows-amd64) ... 10:30:48 WARNING: Stopping folder "xyz - folder has 0.00% free space, want 1.00%

The first warning is over 80s after resuming from hibernate.

Is it some kind of network storage. Anyways, this clears after some time, so why does this matter?

A bog-standard fixed hard drive. There are other shares on the drive which aren’t affected, and the affected folders aren’t the same each time the warning pops up.

I figure it matters because it’s not working properly - obviously not a big deal, but a bug is a bug.

I agree. In this case I think the bug is with Windows or the Go runtime, until proven otherwise. Setting the required percentage to 0 to disable the check should be the workaround for now. :confused:

Today something else odd happened - the free space was reported as non-zero in some cases. Four folders were stopped, reporting 0.25%, 0.00%, 0.01% and 0.00% free. All other times I’ve noticed this it’s always been zero.

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