erase *newer* files

I am using syncthing currently to migrate all the content of computer A to computer B.

Both computers runs the same OS (Debian Stable). Computer B contains a fresh install with default configuration files. Computer A contains personalized configurations files.

I created a share with A as sender and B as receiver only. For the configuration files (which started with “.”), syncthing will consider the file in B (when existing) as newer (fresh install) than the one of A.

How can I tell syncthing to erase config files in B even if there are newer in their creating dates than the ones of A?

The easier way would be A as send-only, B as send-receive, then hit “Override” on A to make sure B drops everything and becomes a precise copy of A.

If B is recv-only then you’ll also need to hit “Revert” on that side.

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