Ensuring a deleted file doesn't get re-sent

Hi there!

I currently have Syncthing sending files from my Seedbox to my local machine. Once here, a tool called Unpackerr unzips the files and removes the local archives.

I want to make sure that Unpackerr removing the files doesn’t make Syncthing go “oh, you’re missing some archives here!” and cause those files to be re-downloaded to the local machine.

I currently have it set as: Syncthing Seedbox (Send only) → Syncthing Local (Receive Only).

I have file versioning off, and my ignore pattern is:


Could someone please confirm for me that this setup should work as intended? Thank you :slight_smile:

I can’t say much about your setup, but deleting a file will indeed delete it on the other side.

Even with my “Send only”, “Receive only” setup?

And my question was regarding how to avoid the same files being sent over and over after being deleted on the receiving system.

I don’t want to delete a file locally only for it to be re-downloaded because syncthing thinks it’s missing.

No, with receive only or send only (or indeed both, they do essentially the same thing just on different sides) the delete will not be propagated; I didn’t read closely enough.

The device will however consider itself to have local modifications (deleted files, that should not be deleted according to the sending side). You can ignore that if you want. If you press the button to undo the local modification the file will be re-downloaded, to undo the delete.

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