End of support for Windows Vista

Looks like something that changed between 1.2.2 and 1.3.0 effectively ended Syncthing support for Windows Vista. I’ve tested, and yes, 1.2.2 works, 1.3.0 refuses to even run (Vista claims it’s not even a Win32 executable).

I’m not saying we should fix this (no one should run Vista these days anyway, and lack of Syncthing support is perhaps not your biggest issue if you’re still running it). I’m merely stating the fact for those who might care.

Yeah, the fact it still worked is a mere accident. People can still build themselves.

Go 1.10 was the last version to officially support Vista; we’re now building with 1.13. Apparently it sort of worked up through 1.12, but not any more.

(We have very few OS requirements on our own so it’s almost always down to what Go supports.)

Same with Server 2008 versions.

Reverted to 1.2.2 seemed to work fine added STNOUPGRADE=1 to env section of nssm to prevent upgrades.

Should I be reverting back to 1.12 ?

Hoping to upgrade/replace these systems soon.

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1.12 is the version of go, not syncthing.


To clear things up for @ccmgr, you can probably build syncthing v1.3 with go 1.12 just fine.

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I’ve just done a build of release tag v1.3.0 for windows-amd64 with go1.12.10 - it works. The output can be grabbed here for testing purposes.

Fingerprint of the build is:

[start] 00:17:37 INFO: syncthing v1.3.0 “Fermium Flea” (go1.12.10 windows-amd64) builduser@buildsrv01 2019-10-04 22:13:24 UTC

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Hi, Thanks for the feedback. I met the same problem with a windows Server 2008 32bit. I also reverted to 1.2.2 and disabled auto upgrade. Will 1.2.2 remain interoperable with 1.3.x? I only have one Windows machine among Linuxs?

Generally speaking all 1.x versions should be interoperable.

Thanks a lot for the clarification.