Encrypting received files with GnuPG

I’m planing to encrypt the received file with GnuPG, I think it affects the relay. Is there any other hack to encrypt the received files.

Note: I’m ruining Syncthing in docker containers in a local network

Relay has no ability to see any traffic, it doesn’t even know if its Syncthing traffic, so you encrypting files has zero affect on anything.

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so encryption of reciving folder on a time basis will not affect sync(it doesn’t start from copying whole file again)

Can you please suggest a better method to encrypt received/synced file

Sorry, but I don’t understand what you mean.

Syncthing syncs files, it doesn’t care if they are encrypted.

Relay relays bytes between two connections, it has no idea what those connections or bytes are, it doesn’t even know if its Syncthing as the traffic is encrypted.


When you say encrypted, do you mean:

  1. Encrypted before they are sent and
    1. decrypted as soon as they arrive?
    2. remaining encrypted after they arrive?
  2. Sent without being ecnrypted, then encrypted once they arrive?

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