Encrypted Syncs don't start until Restart

Hi there,

got to say Syncthing is exactly what I’ve been looking for, for quite some time. Great product.

Anyway, I’m having an issue with creating new Syncs to my main Syncthing server. When I create the folder, set up the Encrypt pass, folder type is “Received Encrypted”, set the location, which isn’t the Syncthing defaults to the home directory, it’s elsewhere. I hit go, both sides state “Up-To-Date”, but the receiving side doesn’t have the files yet. I sit there, still nothing. So I restart. Then the sync starts, and things run smoothly.

Not sure if this is a bug of sorts, or maybe their could be a setting I could edit to make it go, or…? Even done, refresh on both sides, still have to restart. Is there anything I can do, so I don’t need to refresh?

Not everything is encrypted, so the non-ecrypt works fine out of the gate, just seems like when I encrypt it, I have to restart.

Main Syncthing:

Proxmox server, using the the latest Turnkey LXC Container for Syncthing

Linux (64-bit Intel/AMD), Debian 10

Syncthing build: 2021-12-30 v1.18.6

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