Encrypted peer sync stuck, global state mismatches


I am syncing several folders from a NAS to an unencrypted peer. This works fine except for one folder. The source device (unencrypted) says there are 51.205 files in the folder (global and local) and that the encrypted peer is still missing many items. The encrypted peer says it has 48.707 files (global and local) and is ‘up to date’. It also says some files are ‘out of sync’ but then doesn’t appear to download them.

After adding a file to the folder on the unencrypted node, that file appears to sync, but the others are still ‘ignored’ for some reason. Nothing really seems to stand out for these files compared to the other files that are being synced. The ignore patterns that are set do not match these files.

Another folder exhibited the same behaviour, and it was fixed by removing the folder (and encrypted data) altogether and re-adding it.

Any clue as to why the global state on the encrypted side seems to ignore these files, and/or it gets stuck pulling the files?



Encrypted peer is running 1.27.2, the NAS 1.27.1, both on Ubuntu. The NAS files are on ZFS, the encrypted peer uses btrfs.

Weirdly, files that are missing according to the list do appear on the file system, i.e.:

Removing and re-added this folder on the encrypted peer side: now it shows 51.205 global items. Let’s see if it now syncs all 112GB correctly. Looks like some sort of issue that happens when initially downloading the index from the other peer?

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