Encrypted Data Recovery

I’ve recently set up my first encrypted sync but im running into a wall on how to recover data. I have two instances running, A and B. A is running on windows and is send only, sharing to B (an untrusted device). Device B is off-site, running in a docker container on my unraid server. I put some junk files into the folder and they synced across to device B and are encrypted as expected. Then I deleted those files from device A and attempted to restore them, however I cannot find a way to do it. The documentation mentions using a command, but that doesn’t seem to work on windows. Can someone guide me how I would recover this data back to device A?

You haven’t explained what you tried and what failed.

Sorry I didn’t explain my dilemma better. According to the documentation, you can decrypt the files using a command. I was expecting that this command would be entered through some sort of built in terminal within syncthing, but I cannot seem to locate one. SyncTrayzor doesnt seem to have a terminal, and simply entering the commands into a cmd window does nothing.

I guess my questions are:

  1. do you decrypt data from the trusted or untrusted device, or can it be done from both
  2. where do you enter the commands. My send device is windows/SyncTrayzor and the receive device is syncthing docker in unraid.


The command you’re looking for is syncthing decrypt, you can try syncthing decrypt --help to see some usage hints. I’m not sure where SyncTrayzor installs the Syncthing binary though, it’s probably somewhere under wherever SyncTrayzor is installed.

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Im a complete moron I just realized. I was forgetting to cd to the correct path before running the command.

Im still unsure how to complete this operation via my docker install, but at least I can do it on windows

Usually you can just exec into the container, like this:

[Assuming the name of the docker container is syncthing-docker]

# sudo docker exec -it syncthing-docker syncthing decrypt --help

(I haven’t tested this specifically for syncthing but that’s the usual way to run something inside a running container)

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