Encrypted Cloud (or P2P) Syncing using Encfs and Syncthing

I’ve got most of the bugs worked out for Mac, Windows, and Linux, including Raspberry Pi.

See http://increa.com/computers/encfs-clouding

Works well if you keep encrypted copies on your local hard drive. If you want to keep clear text on your local hard drive, it requires some extra discipline.

Feedback welcome. I’m sure there are some details I did not fully document… or some situation I was not able to fully test.


EncFS works great. Also take a look at gocryptfs (https://nuetzlich.net/gocryptfs/) and CryFS (https://www.cryfs.org/). CryFS feels most secure of the three (gocryptfs, CryFS, and EncFS) because it hides folder structure but is the slowest by far and doesn’t have reverse mode.

Love what the creator of EncFS did (a rather long time ago) and he started all these spinoffs, but gocryptfs seems like a good replacement for EncFS right now until/ if EncFS ever reaches version 2.0.

Using EncFS in the Reverse mode (real clear text data and virtual encrypted equivalent) is very fragile with Syncthing. If you stop EncFS intentionally or unintentionally - or if Syncthing ever runs without EncFS running first - there is a big chance your data set will be erased.

I’ve decided it’s much more robust to run EncFS in the (normal) forward mode. This means you keep a hard copy of the encrypted data on an aggregator computer and let the clear text version be ethereal.

I’ve formally tested all the cases. If you want the details, message me.