Enable "Move to SD card" (Android app)

I use a Nexus One phone and I’m grateful that SyncThing is compaitble with its version 2.3.6 of Android, but the phone has very limited internal storage so I’d like to see the app changed so it can be moved to the SD card.

A related question is the size of the app. Currently, in v0.5.17, the app is 13.66 MB, plus a further 3.96 MB for data. That’s fine for newer devices with more memory, but for older devices (like mine) it’s a squeeze.

Any chance of reducing the size of the app and making “Move to SD card” available?


That would be #87. My Nexus 5 doesn’t have an SD card, so I can’t/won’t fix this, but contributions are always welcome :slight_smile:

The size of the apk seems to be caused mainly by the syncthing binary (8.3 MB), plus code (1.4 MB) and resources (1.3 MB).