Edit or new files detection delays - Debian server

Hello everyone,
I’ve been using Syncthing for many months now and it’s really a great solution. Everything works perfectly fine, except one thing :
Sometimes newly or edited files are detected instantly and synced pretty quickly between devices. But sometimes those detection are delayed for 15 minutes or even an hour - looks pretty random in fact. In order to force it, I have to login the GUI and click on the “Rescan” button, then it detects changes and starts syncing.

This happens only my own server with Debian installed as the main Syncthing server, not other clients’. And I don’t have lots of files and folders.

What would be the best configuration to improve the edit/new file detection, but without impacting too much the CPU/Disk’s usage ? I would also be interested in finding a quick solution to manually ask to refresh a specific folder without having to use the GUI.

My server has a 4 cores i7 and 8GB of ram, and a separate SSD only for syncthing data.

For fast detection of changes, syncthing uses a filesystem watcher which somehow does not seem to work all the time for you (maybe someone else has an idea why). The delayed detection is the complete rescan which happens every hour. You can reduce the rescan interval in the settings of the folder but this will increase disk usage.

Manual rescan can be triggered by the api, see https://docs.syncthing.net/dev/rest.html for details.

Indeed, and I heard a few times some issues with UNIX systems FS watchers, just like Node.js. I suppose it must be linked.

I did try to make a GET/POST request, but I didn’t see the API token ! Thank you very much for giving me that info, in fact this is perfect for me as I know when I need to sync my devices. I don’t mind triggering it manually from time to time.

Thanks again for your help !

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