Edit Folder Modal and FS Watcher

I did changes to finally enabled the watcher and got stuck in the web UI. Before I just scrape something together, I’d like to find out if somebody has an idea how to solve my “problem” (more or less) elegantly.

The current advanced section has two columns, which are initially nicely aligned. With conditional error/help messages or any file versioning selected it already gets a bit more messy. And the “Ignore Permission” checkbox also doesn’t really fit in, it looks a bit like if it was a sub-option to “Folder Type”. Now I need to introduce yet another checkbox for “Watch for Changes” (or something like that) and I haven’t really figured out how/where to fit it in. One requirement is, that it is clearly grouped with the rescan interval. I was thinking about having “Rescans” as a “super-title” for interval (then called maybe “Full Scan Interval”) and watcher as in the folder status in one row. That means the other options need to be shuffled around.

I was considering giving file versioning it’s own row spanning both columns, as it can have a lot of text/settings (dynamically flowing two columns isn’t (easily) possible I assume).
Another option is to just use one single column of settings, but that may be ugly.

I’d make tabs like in the settings, a separate tab for versioning, separate tab for advanced stuff.

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