Easily copy ID to other machine

Hi, starting with syncthing from today so 2 (maybe stupid) questions: 1.when going to ‘actions’ and ‘schow id’ , I want to select/copy the ID but this does not seem possible… 2.are you using 0 (zero) or O (letter) in the ID’s?

The ID is just shown as text, so it should be possible to easily copy it. I can copy it without any issues.

What problems, exactly, are you having?

According to the docs Base32 is used to encode the Device ID, which uses O (for Oscar) and does not use 0 (zero).

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Indeed. The numbers 0, 1, and 8 are not used. However, they are accepted on input as variants of O, I and B.

The device ID thing in the GUI does something to select itself for easy copying when clicked. Perhaps that is creating some difficulty for you.

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Hi Jakob,

I cannot ‘select’ the text ID, the ‘selection’ gets immediately inactive when i stop pushing the mouse button (i use internet explorer…).

You don’t need to push, just click and Ctrl + C

Aha, yeah, Internet Explorer does screw this up.

  • If I single-click, nothing happens
  • If I click-and-drag, text gets selected, but is unselected when I release the mouse button.

Hi all,

doesn’t work. I see the text field and the QR code, but cant copy the text (not by selecting, not with ctrl C)…

Another browser then, as a workaround. :slight_smile:


yeah ok, thx… i’ll try firefox… :wink:

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