Dynamic Syncing Priority


I never used Syncthing before and I was wondering if it might be useful for my project.

We got a drone mounted with a Cam taking hi-res pictures every 0.5 second (25mb ea.) Our uplink is between 500kbs and 30mbs depending on the drone distance.

Because of that bottleneck, I used opencv to develop an on-board image recognition algorithm to estimate the priority of the pictures. That way, we can receive the most important pictures first.

I was wondering if there was a way to dynamically assign a transfer priority or to use the api to manually select which file should be synced next.


The receiver requests blocks so this is determined on the receiving end.

You could move files into the folder based on your sync priorities. This would also stop syncthing hashing the files if you don’t want to transfer them.

Also in the out of sync dialog you can reorder the order you want to pull files in, that can also be done by the rest api, but its all done on the receiver.

One possibility would be to set scan interval to 0, so Syncthing doesn’t check for new files, and use the API to tell Syncthing only about the priority files.

This way, you wouldn’t have a real prioritization but a differentiation between sync now and sync later.

To be honest, in that case its just easier to sftp/scp/post the files to the remote location…

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