dynamic Ip and specific destination port

I have to setup Dynamic because i have a router with dynamic IP but could I setup the destination port ( have more then one device and routet their port with Port forwarding ?

is dynamic:22001 correct?

Not quite: If you want the same as default but on port 22001 instead of 22000 you need dynamic+https://relays.syncthing.net/endpoint, tcp://:22001. If you don’t use relays, just tcp://:22001 will suffice (this is shorthand for tcp://`).

This information is in the docs:

I saw the docs for <listenAddress> but I was not sure if that also fit for the <address>. Maybe you should replace the titel Listen Addresses to listenaddresses and address


the port is sent over discovery, so just leaving dynamic should be fine

As you are asking about port 22001 I was assuming you meant the listen address for incoming sync connections, which is <listenAddress> in the config xml. That should be clear from the docs, as in the options sections the listenAddress explanation links to the more detailed explanation of listen addresses.

The addresses for the gui and devices (<address> below <gui> or <device>) have nothing to do with this. What @Alex mentioned is dynamic for the device address, which then uses discovery. You can’t use discovery for your own listen address, as you need to inform discovery about your own listen address (not the other way round).


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