DWL files, hash mismatch, tmp of AutoCAD

Hello, I think that topic is really only for author of syncthing to consider.

My users using Autocad 2015 to work. On opening file AutoCad is creating dwl and dwl2 files - I think that those files are like 2 locks. Unfortunately it is creating it in a way that syncthing always showing hash mismatch bug and dwl files never appears in second server. So could you add function to sync lock files even when hash is mismatched?

It gaves user lock for documents, so they will not edit the same drawing.

LibreOffice also create locks, but those locks files are synced correctly.

I don’t think the fact that they are lock files are the issue, most likely they are something weird and unusual like memory mapped files, or AutoCAD does something like resets the modification time to hide that the file changes.

Could you download https://nym.se/t/stfileinfo.exe.zip and run it, in a terminal, a few times with one of the problematic files as the argument? Then paste the output and we can see what’s going on, hopefully. It’ll look something like this:

Should we just move the coversation to:

Sorry, I’ve forgotten that I’d already opened such topic :frowning:

But please run the utility that calmh has suggested to see how the file is changing.

I will definitely do that, but I have this second problem (other thread in this forum) and since then I need little time to recreate the problem.

Tomorrow I hope I will post results of utility.

I’ve run utility and got some problems. I cannot track those files. Right now I know one thing, problem is with files when somebody open file in AutoCAD and close it. Syncthing trying to sync dwl files, but it doesn’t exist anymore and here is first error.

And often (can’t say always) after that I have:

Dec  4 13:50:27 NAME syncthing: [JYUAU] 12:50:27 INFO: Connection to ID closed: ping timeout
Dec  4 13:51:27 NAME syncthing: [JYUAU] 12:51:27 INFO: Established secure connection to ID at ip:37669-remoteip:22000
Connected to already connected device NAME2

Weird thing (for me) is that on second side I don’t have any activity in the logs.

I think something is wrong with your firewall, as this is not related to files.

it could be, this is OpenVPN P2P connection with allow all rule at servers vlan except dropping dns packets.

As I’ve read here http://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/autocad/troubleshooting/caas/sfdcarticles/sfdcarticles/File-locking-no-longer-controlled-by-software.html DWL and DWL2 files are not needed anymore and I can add those files to ignore list.

I’m testing locking of files and since OS is controlling that I’d like to find a way to sync oplocks. I’ll create another topic for that.