Duplicate folders in cluster of machines

Hi, so I have several machines one of which works as a hub/server with introducer from most of the clients. The hub is called gakk. I then have arkimedes my laptop and my android is morkelknott. I list them for the example below, they are part of the cluster.

So I have shared a folder gg3na-f3hba from arkimedes to both gakk and morkelknott. On gakk I first accepted the folder from arkimedes and didn’t check share with morkelknott. I then accepted the folder on morkelknott and checked share with gakk before adding it. Now on gakk I have a message “morkelknott wants to share folder … (gg3na-f3hba). Share this folder?”

So, what do I do?

I am also introducing ST to a larger cluster of users for a project and I’m wondering what are best practices? And will syncthing use the folder ID’s to sync in a mesh-manner without each device explicitly accepting/sharing with all the others?

Sharing always needs to be approved on both sides. If you are already using the introducer feature, that will help discovering other devices to share with that already have the same folder ID. There is also an auto-accept option to avoid having to accept new folders manually on each spoke node, but you’ll still need to share it from the hub to all spokes.

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