Duplicate Files Names in Out of Sync List

One of my shared folders shows one item out of sync on the Syncthing web interface. When I click through to see the list of out of sync items it shows 7 files with the same name. They are all syncing and showing the exact same level of progress and they increment at the same time. On a second identical backup system there are 3 of the same file name shown.

There is only one copy of this file on the source computer with this name that should be syncing. The path shown for all 7 or all 3 are identical.

Everything appears to be working as expected, this appears to be a display issue that I caught because the file is large and takes a long time to sync.

In case it provides a hint the backup system with 7 names in the list is on the LAN while the one with 3 names is remote and syncing at about half the rate.

All systems are running 0.14.52 on Linux. The source running Fedora 29, the two backup computers are running Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS on Odroid-HC2 computers.

Can you provide screenshots?

Does it happen if you close and reopen the UI tab?

If you mean close the browser tab and open it again, the same problem happens. I think I went from 7 listings to 9.

If that’s not what you mean please explain what you mean by the UI tab.

Can you open a bug on github? It’s not a critical life or death issue, so unlikely to get immediate attention, but we should track this.

Can you open developer tools and see what /events endpoint returns when you get a progress update? Is it 7 events with the same file, or does the UI somehow duplicate it?

I opened a bug on github. It’s definitely not high priority.

I turned on events in the logs and it appears that a group of 22 errors are written when the progress is updated. Half are “DownloadProgress map” and half are “RemoteDownloadProgress map”.

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