Duplicate File/Folder Count - How to Reset?

I’m getting duplicate file/folder counts (not the files/folders themselves, only the counts) between two synced devices.

History: all was well originally, but unfortunately my nightly backup script incorrectly deleted the .stfolder directory on the source. Thus I got the dreaded “folder marker missing” error.

I corrected the error in the script and used WinSCP to tunnel in (Debian on ReadyNAS) and manually recreate the folder. That’s when all the fun started.

I then initiated a rescan and almost immediately the Global and Local file/folder counts on the source device exactly doubled.

The source is also in a perpetual state of sync to the target, showing no progress after at least forty-eight hours. Note that the ‘Out of Sync’ count there displays as roughly twice the sum of files/folders on the target (+/- 100).

I removed and readded the sync folder, thinking that might make a difference. I also tried setting both folders to Send & Receive, but that didn’t work either.

Is there a way to reset the index and have ST rebuild it from scratch?

BACKUP (source) image image

C52893-F (target)


There are a number of prior posts in the forum covering problems like this. Try using the search feature.

Effectively, remove the folders on both sides and start over is the easiest option.

Hm, that’s interesting. I did try searching for those before posting, but I only managed to dig up folks having problems with duplicated files, not duplicate file counts.

In fact, that’s why I took care to mention the difference in my question.

At any rate, I’ll try removing and re-adding the folder at both ends. You’re saying that results in an index reset?

I think this issue is fixed the same way all other “things look out of sync” issues are, which is either by resetting the indexes explicitly, or removing the folders and adding them back, which achieves the same.

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That’s a good trick to keep in mind, thanks.

I’ll add it to my bag of magic solutions.

Removing and re-adding worked well, thank you.

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