Duplicate device ID on new install?

Great!! I’ll wait for the Android update before updating my machines

Hmmm just installed it freshly on a test machine and is it normal that I see the system itself twice and even one shows disconnected? I don’t have that with the 0.10.x releases

The differing icons indicate that the device ID:s are different, only the name is the same. If you hit edit, you can remove the name and see the raw device ID, perhaps clarifying what’s going on? I.e. did you copy a config from an old machine, or have an existing config but no keys on the new install?

Was/is a freshly installed kubuntu system (15.04.b2) and first install of syncthing. The device ID’s are indeed different, but same machine and it also shares the default folder with it.

edit: Hmmm I removed the ~/.config/syncthing dir and restarted/reinitialised syncthing again, but now it didn’t happen…weird…well forget about it then…if it happens again I’ll let you know

OK I am able to reproduce it…it’s just an user error :smile: Sometimes I forget that in KDE single click is by default starting/opening the file, so when I installed syncthing I doubleclicked the syncthing binary, so started it twice…first time it shows OK, but when I restarted it (just one process gets restarted), the node itself showed up as disconnected.