Dual disk Multi Instance synching on Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB

I want to set-up a dual disk (8.0 TB*2) RAID like set-up using my Rasbipi 4B (8GB). I also want it for 3 instances of synching. Please suggest some ideas.

Read the docs. Use the defaults before changing anything. Start simple. Be patient.

Running a few Syncthing instances on one machine is no big deal. You just need to specify different -home folders and addresses/ports for each of them to use. However, I would suggest to make sure that the hardware in question is actually capable of withstanding heavy load when all of them are scanning/hashing files at the same time. This can be both CPU, RAM, and I/O intensive.

Is there any particular reason for running multiple instances like that though? For myself, the only time that I have done it was to use Syncthing for pseudo-local file sync, and/or when using a completely separate Syncthing instance that would be run and stored on portable USB storage.

Thanks! I’ll try and come back to you :slight_smile:

Actually I want to ensure the data in the separate instances isn’t inter-accessible. That’s why I need 3 instances of syncthing

Sure, if you have legitimate reasons for doings so, go for it :wink:. If I were to run multiple instances like that, I would personally play around with variables like GOMAXPROCS to limit the number of CPU cores available for each instance, and perhaps also limit MaxFolderConcurrency even more if the data is located on spinning hard disks. You may also want to store the databases on a separate SSD, if possible.

SSD? 2*8TB SSD! It would cost 2 times my Galaxy Z flip 2 :joy:

I have 2 WD My book 8TB Backup-plus external hard drives (7200 RPM 3.5 Inch)

The Pi4B 8GB has A Quad cored ARM Processor (Broadcomm) 1.5 Ghz… Would that be enough? I also have another Pi4B (This one’s a 4GB Ram variant though) so should I have each disk on each Pi?

I meant a separate SSD just for the databases. Even a small one like 64 or 128 GB should be enough for this purpose.

No idea, really. I would need to see some kind of a comparison between that and a standard x86 CPU to draw any conclusions. If the single core performance is weak though, I would consider setting GOMAXPROCS=1 for each of the Syncthing instances.

Sure. I have a 500 GB SATA SSD (WD Blue)

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