Dual boot Windows 8.1/Linux Mint with syncthing on each

Hello, Thanks for your amazing software. I use both Windows 8.1 and Linux Mint 17.1. I want to know if I can have syncthing on each OS which shares the same dir (on NTFS partition). I want to avoid conflicts of sync, I guess that there are some sync files on the dir. If it is not possible, I just have to reboot on the OS where syncthing is installed. So, it is not a big trouble if is not possible. It will be just more convenient if I don’t have to reboot to sync my files. Thanks a lot disanv parean

So the index and the configs are more or less environment agnostic, you just might need to keep the data (or symlink the directory) to the same place such as ~/Data as /some/directory/in/linux will not match C:\some\directory\in\windows.

Alternatively, you can have different config files, different indexes (or symlink index dirs), but share the same certificates, causing you to have the same device ID perhaps pointing at different directory paths (which still hold the same data).

Okay, thanks to your answer. It’s probably better to have syncthing only of one OS to avoid config conflicts. I don’t know how to simulate the same symlink in Windows and GNU/Linux. I don’t use Windows everyday so it is not a big issue. Thanks

I just have the same folder two times on my disk, one time on my Linux partition and another time on Windows. You will need two times the space but for small folders this is probably the best way to avoid any conflicts. I also prefer this because Windows can use NTFS and Linux another file system (for me currently ext4).