Dual boot, single drive, configuration options

hi all,

I recently migrated my sync setup from Btsync to Syncthing, it was a breeze, thank you.

I have a Dual boot PC, win 7 / linux, many user files are accessible on a shared NTFS partition. I understand from other messages that parts of syncthing environment may be shared in both systems.

  1. May the index*.db folder be shared between the two systems if the set of synced folders is not strictly identical (e.g. one of the synced folders is only synced under windows)?

  2. may the PC identity (certificates) be shared between the two systems? also if one of the directory is not shared in one of the systems?

Thanks for all, Marc

  1. No, sort of, because the one without the folder will delete the index for that folder causing it to be rescanned every time the OS which has it starts, potentially causing conflicts.
  2. Yes, it’s just that you’ll get this annoying popup saying that X wants to share Y with out every time.
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Thanks for the reply.

This is exactly what I suspected.

Thus if I understood well, to share index and certs, I should rather make sure the list of directory is identical to avoid ever restarting syncs for the missing folder. Also any change of configuration, e.g addition/removal of a sync folder, may be done with the UI on one system, but MUST be edited manually in the config file for the second, lest the initial sync would happen twice with possible side effects.

Basically yes.

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