DTC Radio link between 2 Synology NAS sync

Dear All,

My current set up is using a radio an IP radio link between two NAS drives, I have 3 syncthing folders to which data is stored on NAS 1 Then synthing is to sync them to the respective folders on NAS 2 All the folders work and data is transferred

2 of my folders take ages to sync. So I stopped them to test the speed, I managed to copy 1.5gb of data across the radio link within 8 mins using one folder within syncthing Now if I try the other folders they seam to be really slow and I’ve been transferring from another folder 30gb of data for the last 12 hours - why is it so slow?

My overall aim is to have several streams of syncthing folder to folder set up so I can transfer data I split the folders so if my data link bandwidth became too congested I could then manually pause folders

Any suggestions or help regarding my issue would be very much appreciated!

Can share more details regarding setup if needed

Regards Tom

Did you make sure that the transfer is the limiting factor, i.e. not disk IO, cpu, …

I don’t really get what you aim to do, but Syncthing doesn’t differentiate traffic by folder.

If you just want to limit (incoming) requests, there’s an advanced maxConcurrentIncomingRequestKiB applying to all devices at once in addition to the maxRequestKiB limit per device. Maybe that’s helpful to you. Or just plain transfer rate limiting. Though if you do already do special network setups, I’d expect you could do all of that “better” (as in more appropriate to your specific setup) with actual networking tools.

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