DS-LITE, happy syncthing days over?

My ISP just pushed DS-LITE onto me. So I have a working IPv6 connection and nat’ed IPv4 I guess. Syncthing is allowed to use upnp and shows OK on global discovery. However peers in the internet show disconnected. Anything I can do?

As far as I know, you cannot connect to a DS-Lite Connection from outside with IPv4.

I can think of the following possibilities:

  • Make sure, that every other node has a IPv6 capable internet connection
  • Make sure, that every other node, which has no IPv6 capable internet connection, is connectable (port fowarad, …) so your home node can connect to them via IPv4
  • Use a VPN solution, to get a IPv4 address and setup the port forwards in the VPN (this will cost you a monthly fee)

Haha, you say things… No really, thanks for the answer. I use syncthing to exchange data with relatives who can hardly use the computer… No way to make them use VPN and no chance to convince their ISP to change the connection type :wink: However, your second option might work…will test.

If your relatives have an internet connection with native IPv4, you would be the only one who need VPN. The VPN would result in your device (where the VPN connection is made) to have a real IPv4 address.

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Wait for v0.12 (or try the beta) which has relay support. That should solve that problem, I think.

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I had a better option. After noticing the ds-lite slowed down several of my daily tasks including VPN connections to the company, I requested my provider to switch me back to full stack - and they did :wink:

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