Downgrade Syncthing version in SyncTrazor


I have a NAS with a particular compiled version of syncthing. But my windows clients have automatically updated to latest syncthing version. Is it possible to downgrade the windows clients in synctrazor?

I replaced syncthing.exe in the SyncTrazor directory under C:\Windows\Program with an older version, but I still get v0.14.26 in the “About” window. How is it possible?

Thanks BR

Is the version on the NAS older than v0.14.0? If not, it should be compatible and you don’t need to worry about this.

yes it is older unfortunately: v0.12.4

:scream: :cry: You should not use that. Please complain loudly to whoever does that packaging that they should get with the times.

But why can’t I just overwrite the binary syncthing.exe in SyncTrazor?

No idea, I expect you should be able to do that. But I think there is more than one location; the “managed” syncthing binary that Synctrayzor downloads and keeps upgraded, and the one that it ships with by default. Perhaps you are replacing the wrong one. I’m not sure of their location exactly, but search here on the forum - it’s been discussed.

But really. You should not use 0.12.4. If for no other reasons, there have been very significant security issues fixed since that release.

The current version of SyncTrayzor doesn’t support Syncthing 0.12 - it’s far too old.

(For anyone else browsing this, instructions on how to downgrade, etc are [in the README(