Doubling the amount to be synced every time

Hi there,

I have Syncthing running in a LXC on Proxmox and manually installed it on a Ubuntu 22.04.

I have a Test-guyf directory on a windows drive which I wanted to sync to my Proxmox as a test.

I removed the directory on the receiving end and the started the sync and noticed that the screenshot say that a doubling amount of directories and files where needed thus out of sync. I repeated the removal of the directory with the gui and it doubled again.

What is going on?

Just for confirmation, are you running the newest version of Syncthing on both devices?

thanks for the quick answer. Yes both are running 1.21

What does the local and global state say on both sides? I think this could possibly be somewhat related to, although the whole configuration doesn’t seem to be the samem, so not necessarily.

as it was a test directory I started over. Beaviour seems normal now

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