dot-syncthing files

When syncing a large directory among several machines, syncthing seems to have left a bunch of files on some machines called (where xxx is a filename), in the directory itself. These don’t seem to be going away. What is the purpose of these files and is it okay to delete them manually? Thanks!

These are temporary files. During synchronisation, Syncthing doesn’t rewrite files on the fly but rather creates a temporary file first, and only then replaces the original one. If the synchronisation is interrupted for some reason, the temporary file will be left on the disk (by default for 24 hours), so that the transfer can be resumed later instead of having to download the file from scratch.

Thanks. So I take it these files should go away after a day. What happens if I do delete them – is that safe but inefficient in that the files are re-synced from scratch, but without any harm being done?

There’s no harm in deleting them, but if you intend to keep doing so, then you’re probably better off simply changing in the Advanced Configuration.

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Got it, thanks.

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