Don't understand why it is so hard to make Android connect to a Nas on local network?

In my home, there is a Synology Nas connected to my home network, which is 1000MB local Lan and support 5G WIFI.

My mbp (MacbookPro) is connecting to my Nas’ Syncthing through WIFI 5G. They worked together fine. Any change happened on my mbp will be sync to the Syncthing on Nas very quickly.

My phone, Android, also connected to my home network, and I installed the Syncthing for Android. However it is very hard for Syncthing in my Android to connect to the Nas’. I have enabled all connection options, NAT, local, global, Relay.

In fact, I just want to only enable “Local”, I have no need to backup files through internet. But if I didn’t check other options, the Android never found and connected the to the Syncthing on the NAS. even if I enabled all options, it is still very hard to connect to. also, the speed of syncing files is very slow. sometimes, it need to take more than 24 hours to connect to the Nas and sync the files…

I don’t know the tech of Syncthing, I want to understand and optimize it to make it connect easier and sync file more quickly.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Local discovery doesn’t work on Android, so you do need to either enable global discovery / relaying for the device to be able to connect automatically, or use hard-coded IP addresses or hostnames.

Can you post a screenshot of the Syncthing Web GUI when the devices are connected? The screenshot may be taken on the NAS side, as long as “Remote Devices” and the Android device specifically is visible there.

From the Syncthing of Android, it connected to the Nas, but it always showed 95%. In fact, the files have been synced to the server. Or in most of the time, it failed to connect to Nas when I am at home.

The screenshot is caught from the Nas Web GUI. It looks like that the Android phone is connected from the Relay. and the IP “” is not my Phone’s IP.

This is my MacbookPro, you can see that it is using the local IP.

Thanks a lot.

The list of folders shared between the two do not match.

I set “ignore delete” to true on the folders and deleted some folders. What confused me most is that why it is so hard to find Android, and sync files.

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