Doesn't try to "Establish secure connection to..."

On multiple working nodes (linux, Win10, Mac), the log shows multiple statements when starting up, including "Established secure connection to JZ7BY2G-… at [fe80::226:…]:51480-[fe80::…]:22000 (tcp-client) (TLS_ECDHE_ECDSA_WITH_CHACHA20_POLY1305).

However, on one older WinXP computer, the log file shows all the same line entries except it completely skips over the “Established connection…” or anything indicating connection fails. Just nothing, with the the web GUI stuck showing permanently “Disconnected” for all device.

Shouldn’t Syncthing at least ~try~ to connect to the devices named?

Last night a second WinXP computer failed the same way. Now this morning, the first computer, when I restarted syncthing, worked fine and established connection with a Win10 and a Mac system as it is suppose to.

I will have to pin down this issue a bit better. The only thing I “changed” was I selected the “don’t upgrade” option in the settings. Hmmm…

0.14.33 on WinXP fails to establish a connection or report any error about trying to establish a connection. The log is just silent about it.

0.14.32 on WinXP establishes connections fine.

I don’t think there are any relevant changes between those versions. Not connecting usually means not able to discover. My best guess is that your 0.14.32 is allowed in the firewall but 0.14.33 isn’t.

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