Doesn't sync until I log into server

I have set up the daemon approach for a single-user setup using guidance in I use Ubuntu 20.04 on my user machine and 18.04 on the server and installed syncthing as an Ubuntu package on both. On the server I ran

systemctl --user enable syncthing
systemctl --user start syncthing
systemctl --user status syncthing

I thought that this would set up a persistent daemon on the server. But when I’m not logged into the server, and watch the syncthing browser gui on my user machine, it shows that the server is disconnected. As soon as I log into the server, the user web gui shows it synchronizing. Any guidance appreciated.

Systemd only runs user things while the user is logged in. You might want to disable that one and instead enable + start syncthing@yourusername. This is all systemd-isms, so look for documentation there. :slight_smile:

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That did the trick. Logged into the server under myuserid, did sudo systemctl enable syncthing@myuserid followed by sudo systemctl start syncthing@myuserid. Thank you.

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