Does this send my files remotely?

I just installed Syncthing on Linux and when I launch it in the command line, I notice various worry external IP addresses and wonder what they may be for?

I simply want to syncronize a local desktop with a local laptop and don’t see any reason to be connecting to anything outside of my local network.

The specific references are:

[DPIPJ] 19:39:23 INFO: Relay listener (dynamic+ starting

[DPIPJ] 19:39:23 INFO: Using discovery mechanism: global discovery server

[DPIPJ] 19:39:33 INFO: New NAT port mapping: external TCP address to local address

[DPIPJ] 19:39:43 INFO: quic:// resolved external address quic:// (via

[DPIPJ] 19:40:57 INFO: Joined relay relay://

Is anyone able to put my mind at rest regarding these please?

Please check

You can disable relaying and global discovery, as well as NAT punching in the Settings > Connections panel. If you ever need more than local LAN sync, don’t forget to turn them back on.

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Very informative sir. Thanks

Done! Thank you very much.

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