Does syncthing suit for local network fast syncing?

I have a macbook and a PC.

I am mainly working on PC, doing some data analyzing, sometimes would take macbook outside to continue my work.

The situation is :

  1. I create smb sharing on PC , the workspace folder may cost 10~20GB, some files are large.
  2. I mount the workspace folder through smb on macbook, can acess that folder in local network.
  3. I’d like : when I open macbook, auto sync with the workspace folder to some path .

For example ,

  1. I do some works on PC
  2. then I open macbook, it sync lastet data and let me know when it done.
  3. take macbook outside, continue works
  4. after I back, connect to local network, update the workspace folder on PC from my macbook.

As I see, Syncthing use some p2p techneque. Does it support my case ? If not, would you please give me an advice? Thank you !

I’d say it should work fine, but if speed is your number 1 priority, then you should probably stick to syncing just between local storage instead of using SMB or similar solutions. SMB can be very slow to access, which means Syncthing will also need much more time to scan and sync files located there.

Yeah, speed is my first priority. I only know SMB can make macbook acess Windows share folder, sorry but I really haven’t found another way, do you have a faster method ?

Suggest you look into how Syncthing actually works. It does not sync local directories.

Please check The whole idea is to sync physical directories on multiple devices. There’s no SMB or any other similar sharing involved.

I’d suggest to simply install Syncthing and try it out yourself with test data first.