Does syncthing spread the load when syncing

I’ve installed syncthing on a meaty server, desktop as well as two Raspberry Pis and a Mini Desktop. Say I create a number of large files (>=1GB) on the desktop, it will most likely, finish synching each file to the server before it finishes on the other devices.
Will it then start syncing to the slower devices from both the Desktop AND the Server to spread the load?

Yes, correct.

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afaik only blocks from finished files are shared with other devices, correct?


Audrius, is your “no” referring to the original question re spreading the load, or to the second question re blocks and finished files? I presume the latter (that is, Q: files have to be finished before they start sending their blocks onwards A:no)?

Partial downloads are also shared, if they are big enough, and the feature is enabled (which it is by default).

I found tempIndexMinBlocks which is set to 10, where one block is 128 KB

Unless you have large blocks enabled in which case a block can be 16mb