Does Syncthing modify files when adding a folder?

Hi all,

Can anyone tell me if Syncthing retouches or otherwise modifies files when I remove a folder, restart, and re-add the folder? There is a long scan process that follows, and I assume this just re-hashes everything into an external database. I’m on Linux Mint 18.3 with Syncthing v0.14.48.

The reason I ask is I’m trying to track down an issue with Borg Backup. For some reason, after doing the above procedure in Syncthing, the next Borg Backup marked every file in the folder as “modified” (then deduplicated). I want to figure out if this is a Syncthing or Borgthing.

Cheers, Jack

It does not, unless the remote side has done something which we then apply locally. You can look at the change log after adding a folder to see if syncthing has done anything to your files.

The Borg folks suggest maybe the inode info has changed for some reason. Syncthing does alter inode info, right?

When it makes changes, yes. When it does not, no.

Perhaps inodes get updated for some weird reasons on OSX or other systems, and re-adding a folder somehow updates this locally? None of the actual files or modification dates changed. Weird.

You say “re-added”, so it was once in sync, then removed from Syncthing, then added back? Anyway, even if things were in sync there might be differences between systems due to things like time resolution. When the folder is added and synced with the other side there are things like the nanosecond part of the timestamp that gets synced, but truncated by the filesystem. Syncthing remembers the difference between what is on disk and the full time stamp, but forgets this is you remove the folder. Timestamps might then get resynced.

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