Does syncthing have lvm function?

I’m new here, new to syncthing。

Does syncthing have lvm function?

I don’t seem to find it。

I have no idea what you’re asking about, so I guess it probably doesn’t.

He likely means Logical Volume Management and as far as I know Syncthing hasn’t any special tweaks for it.

Yeah I’m not sure what that functionality would be.

Yes, I want to ask about Logical Volume Management Does syncthing have this function? sorry, my english is not good :sweat_smile:, this is translated by google :joy:


Syncthing works on top of the filesystem.

Will you support it in the future?

You still haven explained what you really want. We know what LVM is, we don’t know what you want from Syncthing in relation with LVM.
(And I am pretty confident I am right using “we” here).


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