Does Syncthing have an option to keep previous versions of files?


on my Android devices I use the “Send only” option and on the Synology NAS I use the “Receive only” option to have a backup copy of the files of some folders (typically Documents, DCIM etc.).

Syncthing, set with the options described, “Send Only > Receive only” saves (synchronizes) on the NAS only the latest version of the files on Android devices.

Is there a way to set Syncthing to allow you to keep any previous versions of the files? If so, how?

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In each folder settings you find the tab for versioning. Inside you can set different options.

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I had seen the option “File version control” (versioning), but I did not understand its use, even for the English that I know little and that I translate with Google. (Not the best for the truth).
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I will try to deepen the document.

I have read the document: File Versioning — Syncthing v1 documentation simple for me to understand too. Thanks again.

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