Does not build after upgrading Go from 1.2 to 1.3

$ go get

Currently requires Go v. 1.2, e.g. v. 1.2.2, which is available at: It does not work with Go v.1.3 at the moment.

Huh? Why not? I don’t specifically “go get” very often, but all the releases are compiled with Go1.3 or a devel version slightly newer than 1.3.

Argh. The log is now gone. I’ll reproduce the error. Something about incompatible static libraries I believe. (… library … 1.2.1.a … while your system … 1.3.0…)

Ah. That’s most likely that you have libraries compiled with go1.2 around that the go1.3 compiler doesn’t like and isn’t smart about rebuilding. rm -r ~/pkg fixes that.