Does 'minimum free disk space' apply to versioned data?

See title. It appears to default to 1%. The info text refers to the index database, and so I am wondering if it also will do smart things with eg: staggered version archives (getting rid of old ones in the case your drive fills)…


There are two places where you can set “minimum free disc space” setting. Global and per folder.

  • The global setting does check it for the home folder (index db). If that file system has less free space, syncthing will stop completely with an appropriate log message.
  • The per folder setting will stop the folder, if the filesystem where the folder resides has less free space.

Syncthing does not remove versioned files depending on free space.

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Ooh! Great answer, thank you.

For the per-folder setting: does syncthing stop syncing the folder? And, I assume, it emits some sort of error somewhere?

Yes, it stops the folder and shows it as stopped in the ui. Folders living on the same disk are likely to be stopped to as they are likely to breach the same threshold.

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